Getting to know our partners: Bare Kind

Posted By Rhiannon Smith

7 October, 2021

In early 2021, Lucy Jeffrey, founder of bamboo sock brand, Bare Kind, approached We Are Fulfilment seeking support with the picking, packing, storage and shipping of her products. Lucy was looking for a fulfilment solution that would enable her to move the business’ operations out of her parents’ living room and simultaneously free up her time to focus on other elements of the business.

Lucy launched the eco-conscious company in 2018, intending to offer products that her customers would love, whilst also adding real value to the world. Since then, the small business has grown tremendously, so we caught up with Lucy to find out a bit more about Bare Kind and her experience partnering with We Are Fulfilment. Read the full Q&A below…

Hey Lucy! Can you tell us a little bit about Bare Kind?
I started my company, Bare Kind, because I think customers should get a warm fuzzy feeling inside when they purchase from a brand. They should feel great in the knowledge that they are buying high-quality ethically sourced products, they are supporting an independent, AND they are saving animals.
This is where my products come in - bamboo socks where 10% of the profits are donated to the animal on the sock! Bare Kind supports animal conservation and rescue charities, with a growing range of charities coming on board.

When it comes to your business and your customers, what is the most important thing to you?
Being able to exceed expectations. Whether it be with delivery speed, product quality or customer service, I want every interaction to leave the other person feeling glad they chose Bare Kind.

When did you realise you needed help with fulfilment for Bare Kind?
I had initially had contact with We Are Fulfilment before summer 2021 when I knew that if I was ever going to scale up, I would need to move my operations out of my parent’s house and into a larger premises, and have people who were experts in logistics on hand to help. I thought I would be moving into the warehouse in 2022, but then I made an order for 30,000 pairs of socks to come for Christmas sales, and I realised I would need to move in sooner! When I made the decision to outsource, we managed to do this in a matter of weeks - I was so impressed at how efficiently everything moved across. I had a deadline in mind because I was going on holiday and there was no one to run operations in my absence. The team just took it all in their stride and it couldn't have gone smoother (plus, I still got my holiday!).

Did you try any other solutions to fulfilment and shipping prior to becoming a We Are Fulfilment partner?
I had actually been in contact with a couple of other more well-known brands for fulfilment, and I would have gone with one of them, but when I first had contact with Shaun and the team they blew me away with how passionate and caring they were about my business and what I want to achieve, I was sold from day 1 and haven’t looked back at the others!

What was it that made you choose We Are Fulfilment over other fulfilment companies?
They truly care about me and my business, they put the effort in and that really showed me they were dedicated to me and my customers.

What would you say is the biggest challenge when it comes to picking, packing and fulfilling your orders? How has that changed since moving this over to We Are Fulfilment?
Time! The more I grow, the more time is spent on picking and packing orders. My mum was doing the majority of the work but on big order days I would also be helping and it can take you hours to get through everything. Now, this has completely freed me up to work on growing the business and I know the operations are in hand. Plus, I wanted to run my own company for the flexibility, and now I can work anywhere in the world!

How has partnering with We Are Fulfilment helped you to improve other areas of your business?
The quality of packaging has also improved, as the team provides branded stamps and tape for all my orders, so there is a consistent high-quality feel. With large wholesale orders it was getting harder to get those in the post efficiently but the We Are Fulfilment team can dispatch them so quickly, my wholesale customers are now benefiting from the fast delivery too!

Plus, of course, there was no way I could have unloaded 30,000 pairs of socks single-handedly. It would have taken me days. But the shipment arrived at the warehouse and was ready to sell within hours - this kind of turnaround is so important for me because I have customers always waiting for new stock. I had my biggest ever day of sales when my 30,000 socks landed because we were able to make those socks available so fast!

How did the team at We Are Fulfilment work with you to meet your requirements?
If everything wasn’t perfect for me already, the team made sure it was so. For example, all of the packaging was already plastic-free, they made me a bespoke branded stamp, and this was all part of the process! I actually haven’t had to ask for many changes; they knew exactly what a brand like mine would need. Communication has been fantastic from the start; I had people on hand to answer my emails and now we have a slack channel for even quicker responses. The inbox is also always covered so if someone gets busy, there is always someone on hand to help me.

Is there anything else you could share with us about your experience working with We Are Fulfilment?
I actually went up to visit the warehouse for the first time recently. I wanted to meet all the team, see where my stock was housed and I also had some filming to do with a third party. This day summed up my whole experience with We Are Fulfilment. Everyone was so welcoming and genuinely happy to see me come and visit. I left the factory feeling very pleased I went with a company that shares my values, and I also left feeling like I wanted to work there! (50% of that was probably down to it being a dog-friendly office!).
For a business like mine, getting the order fulfilment right is imperative for growth. It has the potential to be the most stressful part of the business, yet I have felt nothing but ease working with We Are Fulfilment. Now it is time to scale up my business, and I hope that we will have a long and fruitful partnership together!

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