Why Online Businesses Are Choosing Us

Our mission is simple. To enable you to scale and grow at the speed you want. We will make sure that your customers are more than satisfied with every aspect of the after sale service. Our team of experts combined with our technological infrastructure will enable you to confidently grow your business, whilst creating, nurturing and retaining happy customers.

Automatically import orders from all of your sales channels with our pre-built integrations.

Tracking inventory levels in real-time means you know exactly when to reorder products, no matter the size of your business.

We Are Fulfilment takes all the frustration out of your order fulfilment operation

Dedicated Support Team

Our principles and values are all based around customers and ownership. We always start with the customer and work backwards, ensuring everything we do is focused on the customer journey. All of our team are trained to be shipping and fulfilment experts to help you in every step of the process.

Major Shipping Discounts

We are proud that our shipping rates are amongst the best around. We have some heavily discounted rates with our carriers, allowing those discounts to be passed onto you and your customers. We use a multitude of carriers, so we are confident in finding you the perfect solution for your products.

Warehouse Automation

We continue to invest heavily in our automation and technology, allowing quicker processing times and later order cut-off times. As a result, our experience allows the following:

  • Quicker fulfilment times
  • 99.96% picking accuracy
  • Cheaper fulfilment costs
  • Later order cut-off


Customising the packing process is a great way to improve each and every customer experience helping increase your retention rates. During the onboarding process, we take pride in getting to know your brand and your guidelines to make sure that our team packs the orders just as you would do it yourself.

An all-in-one scalable solution

We Are Fulfilment is full of features that have proven experience to grow your business.

Transparent Billing

You'll see an exact breakdown of costs from order processing, packaging to shipping.

Free Integrations

We have over 50 shopping cart integrations and setup is always free.

Freight Management

We can help import your inventory, and can help to source the right product at the right price for you.

User Permission

We'll add users to your account at no extra cost.

Scheduled Reports

Each account will have a customised dashboard and have the ability to schedule reports through our internal reporting software.

Special Projects

We can help you out with any type of project to help you tackle anything outside of the norm.

How We Fulfil Your Orders

Sales Channel Integration

With the We Are Fulfilment dashboard, you can sell on a number of channels at the same time and our systems will automatically update your sales channels with status, tracking information and updated stock levels. Supported sales channels include Amazon, Ebay, Shopify, Etsy, and more.

Receive and Store

Stock is always available for sale within 24 hours of receipt when booked in with us. Your goods are scanned into location, updating your stock values in real time. Our putaway teams use handheld barcode scanners when locating your products to ensure your products are logged correctly. The system will also immediately update your sales channels, so the products are available for purchase as soon as they have been put away.

Order Picking

If your business or current fulfilment partner operates with paper pick lists and without barcode scanning, it's likely that you struggle with order accuracy, inventory control and customer returns. We use Zebra handheld terminals to ensure all of our orders are picked by barcode verification. We also continue to work with partners who do not have barcoded items and we have a robust manual verification system in place.

Order Packing

We offer the option to use our quality control loop, to rescan all items when they are packed when product barcodes are available. As well as this, you will be able to take advantage of our promotional material suppliers who can advise you on in-parcel literature to give your marketing message the best chance of success.


The ability to offer low shipping costs and fast delivery can persuade more visitors to your website to place an order. We have built relationships with all the major delivery companies and have secured the best possible shipping rates due to the number of orders we process annually. In fact, we firmly believe the savings you can achieve on shipping costs alone will be more than the picking and packing cost of your orders.


Having full control of your orders at every stage of the process is key in any questions or queries that you may receive from customers. With our all-in-one system, everything can be controlled from there, resulting in a quicker turnaround time and the ability to change orders prior to them being released to pick, from the comfort of your own personalised dashboard.